Polymer solutions for Healthcare innovations

Norner has long experience working with product and packaging development and testing for the healthcare industry. We have the competence, equipment and capability required to be your technology partner in material selection, testing and product development.

Norner key service and testing deliveries in healthcare

  • Choice of plastic material to meet intended function and quality
  • Testing mechanical and chemical strength
  • Shelf-life protocols, stress testing, failure analysis
  • Analyse contaminants and purity in raw materials and finished products
  • Method development
  • Develop novel primary and secondary packaging
  • Sustainable solutions and optimize re-use or recycling of materials in production
  • Manufacturer of selected polymer based healthcare products

Regulatory and QA

Norner is certified according to ISO-9001.  

We have medical device and pharmaceutical customers regularly conducting audits at Norner.

We perform >150 various tests according to ASTM, ISO or NS-EN standards.

We also have the experience of developing customer specific tests.

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