Catalysis and polymerisation

Catalyst synthesis development and polymerisation have been a key part of our laboratories for 40 years. We provide an industrial expertise in polymerisation, processing, applications and markets which have been developed through own research as well as cooperation with technology owners and catalyst manufactures.

Catalysis and polymerisation focus areas

  • Catalyst development and optimisation
  • Catalyst performance mapping
  • Olefin process optimisation
  • Polymerisation and process studies
  • Process development and upscaling
  • Green and sustainable technology
  • CO2 - Conversion to chemicals and polymers
  • Plant optimisation
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Laboratory testing services

Norner provides high expertise in material and analytical testing, evaluation of physical and chemical properties, environmental influence on material properties, as well as plastic processing techniques.  

Our ISO 9001 certified laboratory ensures high quality testing with focus on health, environment and safety (HSE). 

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Norner processing pilot centre and test laboratory

Norner pilot centre and test laboratory have modern pilot lines and test facilities. We carry out your trials, utilise our competencies and run full development projects in many of the most common techniques in the market.  

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