Catalysis and polymerisation


Catalyst synthesis development and polymerisation have been a key part of our laboratories for 40 years. We provide an industrial expertise in polymerisation, processing, applications and markets which have been developed through own research as well as cooperation with technology owners and catalyst manufactures.

  • Catalyst development and optimisation
  • Catalyst performance mapping
  • Olefin process optimisation
  • Polymerisation and process studies
  • Process development and upscaling
  • Green and sustainable technology
  • CO2 - Conversion to chemicals and polymers
  • Plant optimisation

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Olefin Polymerization Laboratory

Catalytic polymerisation of olefins is our core competence. This is based on more than 40 year’s work in this area. 

  • Theoretical knowledge and experienced operators
  • Ziegler Natta, Single Site and Chromium catalyst systems
  • Uni-/multimodal polymerisations (e.g. slurry+gas phase)
  • Polymerisations in slurry, bulk, gas phase; also solution polymerizations
  • PE homo-/copolymers
  • PP homopolymers, random copolymers, heterophasic copolymers, etc. 

Bench scale results with industrial relevance

  • Long experience on plant optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Good correlation from bench scale reactors to commercial production
  • Full scale measurements and predictions based on bench scale results
  • Plant optimisation: choice of catalyst and polymerisation conditions
  • Personnel with good plant experience   
Catalyst synthesis and development

We provide competence and capability to be your partner in catalyst development and characterisation.


Norner has special experience within:

PE and PP polymerisation catalysts

  • Synthesis and optimisation of ZN, Single Site and Chromium catalysts
  • Catalyst heterogenisation on inorganic/polymeric carriers
  • Good know-how on catalyst scale-up from laboratory to industrial scale (from grams to 100 kg’s)

Inert handling

  • In our laboratories we are working under strictly inert conditions; e.g. O2 level <0,1 ppm
  • We have long experience on handling gases and liquids inertly under high pressure and temperature (flammable, corrosive and reactive chemicals - hydrocarbons, aluminoxanes, metal alkyls and halides)
  • Several glove boxes available (under nitrogen; argon etc. also possible)
  • Welded lines for transportation of chemicals to reactors
  • Advanced purification systems for the raw materials
Focus on safety in high pressure laboratory

Norner performs focus on safety in high pressure laboratory

  • Automatic safety arrangements like automatic stop and vent off from head-space at unsafe conditions predicted by software controlled from PLS and/or independent systems.
  • Explosion (EX) proof equipments, if required.
  • Safety evaluation and HAZOP studies are included.
  • Explosion walls or roof designed and built to take care of unexpected explosion.
  • On-line control of hydrocarbon and oxygen concentrations in all reactor rooms with an automatic link to safety system.
  • Safety arrangements are made according to national standards of the present site.
  • Training on safety will be done according to customer needs.
  • Training is included (will be done according to customer needs), also connected to the polymerizations done in the start-up.
Advanced gas reactor laboratory for polymerization and gas process simulations

A cornerstone of Norner capabilities is our advanced gas reactor laboratory for polymerization and gas process simulations.

We provide competence and capability to be your partner in catalyst development and characterisation.

Our reactor laboratory is well equipped for high purity work in extreme conditions by using hazardous chemicals.

  • The advanced gas transportation and inert handling system (e.g. several glove boxes) together with the explosion (EX) proofed area fulfills our devotion to safety work.
  • We are constantly updating our reactors according to latest technology.
  • We can do reactor modifications according to your needs. 

Multi purpose reactors available in our laboratory

  • Glass reactor systems up to 1 liter size (max. 10 bar, 120°C)
  • Two fluidized bed mixers (0,25 & 60 liters)
  • Small scale calcination/reduction units for carriers and Cr-catalyst
    (fluidised bed; max. ~300 g; max ~1000°C)

Pressure reactors available in our laboratory

  • High pressure metal reactors, 1 - 17 liter in size: 
     - Totally 13 reactors available
     - In olefin polymerization, yields up to 5 kg’s (per test) can be produced
     - Pressure up to 350 bar
     - Temperature up to 340°C
  • High pressure metal reactors, 60-200 ml in size:
     - Pressure up to 100 bar
     - Temperature up to 120°C
  • The reactors can be used e.g. for uni- and multistage polymerization
  • Batch or semi-batch reactors - Continuous feeds for monomer, comonomer and hydrogen
  • Experience from ethylene to decene, VCH, 4-methyl-1-pentene
Norner has industrial leading expertise in gas conversion

Norner has industrial leading expertise in gas conversion.

We have more than 40 years experience with catalyst, polymerisation, processing and product testing.


Our experience covers:

  • Ethylene dimerization, oligomeriation
  • Hydrocarbon cracking (on purpose propylene)
  • Alkane dehydrogenation
  • Alkene hydrogenation
  • Ethylene to propylene conversion
  • Fischer Tropsch, methanol synthesis
  • Polyolefin processes – all types, all catalysts and cocatalyst, comonomers


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