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Norner is a leading industrial polymer Research & Development centre for the polymer and plastics industry with over 40 years of experience. Norner currently has 90 employees from 12 nationalities and is in an exciting development.

Our business vision is to become the market leader in industrial R&D services within the development of innovative and sustainable polymer solutions in close cooperation with leading industry. Norner operates advanced laboratories, polymerisation units and processing pilot centre relevant for industrial scale operations. We want to create value for our customers, owner, and the society through innovation supporting UN's sustainability goals. 

We are moving into new, purpose designed technology centre in Porsgrunn 2022, where we also invest in new facilities, for the benefit of our customers and projects. 

Norner covers the whole polymer value chain from catalyst and process development for polymerisation, polymer modification, polymer additivation, industrial applications of polymer to innovative solutions for plastics in a circular economy. We provide R&D and technical services to various industry segments where innovative solutions of plastics and composites are requested. We are owned by SCG Chemicals, one of the largest integrated petrochemicals companies in Thailand and we have more than 700 customers in over 60 countries. 

Our efforts are based on expertise, knowledge and a continuous search for new opportunities together with our values; 


Norner is on the move and from January 3rd 2022, our headquarters will be in Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway.

Our new address is:

Norner AS
Dokkveien 20
NO-3920 Porsgrunn

Our ambition is to grow Norner further as a global independent innovation partner for the polymer value chain. 

Norner contributes to a variety of clients needing polymer expertise within consumer goods, packaging, healthcare, energy and infrastructure to petrochemical raw materials production industry. Everything in the context of circular economy. 

Our main focus industries

  • Polymer industry
  • Energy
  • Packaging
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare

Our history

Norner was founded in 2007 as a full transformation of the Norwegian Innovation centre of Borealis including employees, competence and laboratory assets. Through a major re-structuring, the employees with over 40 years of experience established a fully independent technology partner in the fields of gas conversion, material technology, plastic solutions, plastic additives and scientific lab services. The target was to utilize the inherited assets to create a new future towards a broader market than before. Norner has now grown the business to more than 700 clients, performed projects in 50 countries and is is recognized in the market as a leading commercial polymer and plastics solution provider with industrial know-how based on our values – Confidence – Impact – Imagine – Passion. We look forward to continuing the journey, deliver sustainable solutions making a difference, and bring ideas for the future into solutions of today.

Read whole story: More than 40 years in the plastic industry.

Our name - Norner

In Norse mythology, the Norns were three female divine beings who had more influence over the course of destiny than any other beings in the cosmos. The three Norns were present at every birth of all beings, and in sagas and poems they shaped the future by weaving destiny like a web or tapestry. In the Norse mythology all beings have a degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others. Some, however, took this process into their own hands and shaped destiny more actively and more potently. In Norwegian, the Norns are called “Norner”.

  • As the Norns – we want to be present when ideas are born, new innovations are developed and make a positive impact to the course of destiny of our clients and partners through co-operation, way of working, our competence and insight.
  • The three Norns dwelled under the great tree, Yggdrasil, standing at the center of the universe holding the different worlds together in its branches and roots. Beneath Yggdrasil was the well of Mímír, the well of knowledge and wisdom.
  • As represented by the branches and roots of Yggdrasil – our business is global and our clients are present at every continent. Together with our clients, we are creating the future driven by our vision “Innovation through Insight” and delivering world class competence in the value chain from gas conversion to end-use of plastics. Equally important is our dedication to our customer’s success and understanding of needs and opportunities that will bring added value to our clients and impact their future.
  • The three Norns were called Urd, Skuld and Verdandi. They cared for “What Once Was”, “What Shall Be” and “What Is Coming into Being” respectively.

Our owner - SCG Chemicals

In December 2014, SCG Chemicals of Thailand acquired the majority of shares in Norner Holding and during August 2015, they are now a 100 % owner. Through this strategic investment in Norner, SCG Chemicals targets to grow and strengthen Norner further as a global independent innovation partner for the plastics value chain. 

SENFI AS is holding company and the owner of:

  • Norner AS – supplier of B2B consulting, development and lab services
  • Norner Research AS – a non profit R&D organisation  
  • Norner Verdandi AS – for the ownership and sale of technology
  • Xplore - represents our offering of highly efficient screening reactor technology based on the former HTExplore in Naples in Italy.

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Our competence, knowledge and continuously search for new innovations are the foundation of our values.  

We are committed to be a trusted and a positive contributor to the plastic and material industry based on our values; confidence, impact, passion, imagine and our vision.


  • Deliver what we promise
  • Provide world class competence
  • Live our high ethical & HSE&Q standards


  • Deliver sustainable solutions making the difference
  • Have power to influence our customers business
  • Commercialize ideas


  • Deliver novel solutions 
  • Bring ideas from the future into solutions of today


  • Dedicated to our customers success
  • Burn to make a difference
  • Greenovate  

 Our vision

Norner - The Polymer Explorers

We will strengthen our position as:

- a global market leader of industrial R&D services in polymers

- by exploring opportunities and discovering sustainable solutions

Everyone in Norner is committed to create value for our clients and owners, to respect each other and to continuous improve our performance within Quality and Environment.

Everyone in Norner is committed to create value for our clients and owners, to respect each other and to continuous improve our performance within Quality and Environment.

  • We respect agreements with customers and partners and we strive to deliver projects at time, with high quality and within the economical frames agreed with the clients. 
  • We communicate deviations that may affect this, and we take all needed actions to minimize the consequence.
  • We all respect, behave and work according to our values; Confidence, Impact, Imagine and Passion.
  • We will establish defined quality objectives and targets every year, monitor the results and continuously improve our performance.
Norner Polymer Exploration Centre in Porsgrunn, Norway

The new Polymer Exploration Centre is a modern international research and technology centre for the plastics industry and provide research services throughout the value chain. With more than 40 years in the industry, Norner today has customers in more than 60 countries and has experienced a strong growth in recent years. The creation of this new centre, together with us entering the Catapult centre, will ensure that Norway develops a leadership in the development of future sustainable plastic solutions.

Norner and R8 Property signed, in 2017, an agreement for Norner to move all activities from Bamble to the new Powerhouse and a nearby application centre in Telemark. Due to increased space requirements, an nearly 5000 square meter technology centre will now be established at the bank of the Porsgrunn river and neighbouring the Powerhouse Telemark.

“We will get a significantly more efficient building and have consolidated all our operations into one house. Construction work will start at the turn of the year 2020 and will be completed in 2021. Norner is investing long-term, and a 20-year lease has been signed between the parties.”, says Kjetil Larsen CEO of Norner and continues. “Our owners, Thai SCG, have a long-term strategy and commitment with Norner. They are strengthening their position as a significant player in the plastics industry through this investment.”

“This is a very exciting project for Porsgrunn as a city, but also for Grenland, Telemark and the entire region.”, says R8 Property Development Director Tommy Thovsland. He says construction starts in December this year. 

The centre was designed by architects Borve and Borchsenius from Porsgrunn and was completed in 2022.

Norner is a global market leader of industrial R&D services in polymers with advanced laboratory testing services.

  • We are proud to present a selection of our industrial partners.
  • Through commitment to our partners we establish and develop good business relationship.


Norner industrial networks:

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Sustainability is a choice and a business opportunity. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have the potential to unleash innovation, economic growth, and development at an unprecedented scale and could be worth at least $12 trillion a year in market opportunities and generate up to 380 million new jobs by 2030. 

While business is not being asked to deliver the SDGs alone, the goals cannot be realized without engagement by individual companies.

Norner believes we can contribute as a driver of innovation and technological development, which together with our clients will serve as key engine of economic growth, employment and development of a circular economy.

Companies that align their operations with the SDGs and are able to communicate clearly about how their business helps to achieve the SDGs are likely to be able to consolidate a strong license to operate and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

We believe the SDGs represents significant innovation challenges and a massive market incentive for companies who are able to offer SDG-relevant technologies and solutions through sustainable and inclusive business models.

As an innovation partner Norner will strategically focus on four of the SDGs where we have the highest impact.




Our SDGs goals

  • 09: Proactively support innovation in the plastics values chain on a global basis and inspire through competence and methodology.
  • 12: Engage in projects for better resource efficiency and limit waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.
  • 13: Drive projects where our solutions can enable improved sustainability, reduced energy consumption, GHG emissions and introduce renewable materials.
  • 14: Be in the forefront of technology for circular economy, recycling and renewable solutions and take own action against marine littering.


We look forward to drive forward new business solutions together with our clients and strengthen their competitiveness and resilience whilst contributing to the realization of the SDGs.

Norner is a global market leader of industrial R&D services in polymers with advanced laboratory testing services. 

Unlike other companies serving the industry, Norner carry out most of its work with clients under strict confidentiality. We respect that many of our clients do not allow us to display their logo as reference, and are thus very proud to present a selection of companies who have given us the permission.


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How Norner deals with the new data protection legislation (GDPR)

Norner and our employees have many industrial customers, potential customers and contacts at companies in various levels of the plastics value chain and stakeholders. We have a continuous desire to keep in touch with these contacts to follow up on requests, quotations, purchases and deliveries. We also send news, annual customer magazine and invitations with the purpose of giving these contacts an advantageous help and support. For this reason, we have a legitimate interest of managing contact information. Such communication is only effective when we can contact the correct and relevant persons direct and managing contact information is therefore necessary.

We manage only such contact information related to the employer. Together with names we also manage common information like telephone numbers, e-mail address and the employers name and address – all related to the employment at the contact company or organisation. The extent of information is therefore limited. Our management of contact information is related to our common business and not to the private matters of the contact persons. When our communication require consent according of the laws of marketing this shall be ensured before information will be sent. Our management of the contact information is obvious and foreseeable.

Any contact person who receive our requests, newsletters or similar can any time request this to stop by contacting us.


Norner is a global, industrial technology partner for the polymer and material industry.

  • We wish to meet our customers on different arenas and to participate and give presentations at conferences globally.
  • Do you have questions about our participations at events or conferences, contact our Market Manager Ole Jan Myhre.

Overview of conferences and events where we will participate


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