Successful hit rate for Norner in funded project applications

Norner has been very successful in approvals of new funded projects developed together with our clients achieving a hit rate of 70%.

We utilise international, national and regional funding schemes giving our clients the possibility to develop the solutions they need to grow future business.

  • Our intention is to turn funded research into a valuable asset to grow our client businesses in a profitable manner.
  • We experience that the companies which excel in innovation and value creation, strategically develop their project portfolio containing different levels of ambitions, producing the highest overall return at the right level of risk.

In order to deliver the game-changing innovations our clients often require

  • External partners
  • External R&D
  • Financing

Norner has the competence, capacity and willingness to carry out innovation and research both locally and towards industries worldwide.

We support our clients to access the relevant funding schemes and finding partners to enable innovation to materialize.


Contact Thor Kamfjord for more information about funding of projects through Norners R&D.


Successful hit rate for Norner in funded project applications says Thor Kamfjord, Innovation Director at Norner
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