Plastics in the ocean

The Royal House of Norway seeks Norner’s advice for improved understanding and cooperation for new solutions.

Crown Prince Håkon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit have a genuine interest for clean oceans and expressed their intentions to make a difference by inviting key stakeholders to discuss “Plastics waste in the oceans” at a networking lunch. Norner was one of 12 experts from businesses, consultants, institutes and NGOs invited at Skaugum Estate, the residence of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, on Monday October 16th. 

In addition to gaining expert advice on the subject, the intentions of the Royal Couple was to facilitate cooperation among the invited companies and to initiate creativity and initiatives in the industries they represent. It seems likely that the forum will be continued in one way or the other, and collaboration between some of the participants were already agreed during this first encounter.

“As the most comprehensive polymer technology centre in Norway with more than 40 years’ experience with plastics and the whole value chain, Norner’s unique competence is a very important contributor to find solutions to this problem”, says Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development who was representing Norner. “One of the conclusions from our discussions was that cooperation within- and across businesses is vital to achieve changes which can significantly reduce the flow of plastics to our oceans”.


Norner provide polymer R&D services and has both chemical and industrial know how of the compositions and plastics used in various products. Our expertise can determining the sources of marine plastics litter which is a prerequisite to stop the flow. Norner laboratories can analyse and test chemical contaminations, plastic compositions, plastics ageing and degradation in ocean environment and help to understand the consequences of plastics in the ocean.

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