Norner OTR calculator helps clients to achieve innovation speed

Norner offers a new online OTR calculator (Oxygen Transmission Rate) free on its homepage. The simulation model estimates the OTR of packages by most plastics material like PE, PP, PET, PA and EVOH.

Case references:

  • The launched OTR calculator is used in a large project for the chemical industry where the packed chemicals are oxygen sensitive. Alternative packaging solutions are verified by the OTR calculator to see how the development targets are met and to calculate the cost of the alternative solutions. The OTR calculator has been a must to be able to do important decisions for the project.
  • Results from the OTR calculator have been verified by measurements and the accuracy has been impressive and increased the use of the calculator.
  • The OTR calculator has also been essential for a new food packaging concept under development. The calculator demonstrated that the original plan for the project was not sufficient to achieve the target shelf life of the food and important corrections could be done in the project before major cost and investments were involved.
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