Norner online Barrier Calculator

Irene Helland and Morten Augestad - Barrier online Calculator Advisors

Norner was invited as a speaker at the 16th International AMETEK MOCON Technical conference.

Norner was invited as a speaker at the 16th International AMETEK MOCON Technical conference, February 14th 2019, which focused on materials and barrier performance testing for the packaging industry.  

  • At Norner we have developed and published our popular and easy to use, Barrier Calculator as an online tool, which enable the user to simulate and estimate Oxygen, Water and CO2 transmission of various plastics packaging material, like PP, PE, PET, PA and EVOH. A very important feature of the model is the ability to make simulations with various flexible and rigid packaging formats with customer specific design and number of layers. 
  • Norner is a global market leader of R&D service for the industrial polymer industry. We were very happy to be invited as one of the speakers at the conference and to be able to share our broad experience and knowledge working with polymer materials and their barrier performance with the specialised packaging audience. 
  • Our Principal Researcher Irene Helland presented the Barrier Calculator together with some interesting case studies under the title ”Shelf Life Prediction with Norner Online Barrier Calculators”. 

Would you like to read more about the Barrier online Calculator and see how it works, you can visit:

If you have questions or wish to receive a copy of the presentation, please contact us.

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