Norner offers RecyClass certification and testing


We are proud to announce that Norner is now approved as a RecyClass certification body and recognised laboratory

Published: 6. september 2022 08:18 - Last changed: 2. juni 2023 09:25

Plastics future is CIRCULAR. That is where RecyClass comes into play. It is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that advances plastic packaging recyclability and ensures traceability and transparency of recycled plastic content in Europe.

RecyClass developed several types of recyclability assessments of plastic packaging, answering the needs of the entire plastic value chain. Packaging entirely covered by the Design for Recycling guidelines can be evaluated as follows:

  • Design for Recycling Certification, which allows classifying qualitatively from A to F the technical recyclability of a final plastic packaging on the EU market. All the recognized Certification Bodies are accredited for this assessment.
  • Recyclability Rate Certification, which allows rating the effective recyclability of a final plastic packaging with an associated formula reported in the recyclability methodology in the specific geographical area for which the assessment is conducted. Please, check which Certification Body is available in the geographical are of interest for your business.
  • Letter of compatibility, which allows to evaluate the recyclability of semi-finished packaging qualitatively and based on the Design for Recycling Certification. All the recognized Certification Bodies are accredited to deliver a Letter of Compatibility.

Laboratory Testing Protocols

RecyClass furthermore developed scientific testing methods for innovative materials to prove their recyclability.

Recyclability of packaging technologies is determined by the compatibility of the different components, as well as their behaviour in given sorting and recycling streams. To aid companies in assessing the circularity of these technologies, RecyClass developed a series of testing protocols for rigid and flexible packaging.

This will strengthen our ability to help clients in the packaging value chain with developments, troubleshooting and implementation of recyclable packaging and recycled plastics in packaging.

Our new Polymer Exploration Centre, situated on the riverfront in Porsgrunn Norway, has more than 4500 sqm of plastic laboratories for advanced testing and analysis as well as a high-tech plastic processing, recycling, application, and packaging centre. The recycling pilot centre is key to deliver the RecyClass laboratory protocol testing.

Press release:

Press release - Norner approved by RecyClass


Pressemelding - Norner godkjent av RecyClass


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