Norner Mimir India Private Limited established in New Delhi

Norner AS has established daughter company in New Delhi.

Norner has established a fully owned daughter company registered in New Delhi. “With the name Norner Mimir India Private Limited, we carry on the traditions and build on the name of the mother company” says Tine Rørvik, CEO of Norner AS. “Norner origins from the Norse mythology where the three Norns are responsible for people’s faith.

The Norns; Urd, Verdande and Skuld also water and care for Yggdrasil, an immense ash tree that is central in the mythology. The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations; one of them to the well of wisdom Mímisbrunnr – and Mimir”.

“Mimir and the well of wisdom fits well with our ambitions for the India operations”, says Lars H. Evensen, Managing Director of Norner Mimir India Pvt. Ltd. “Within short we will increase the staff with highly competent people with experience from different parts of the value chain from Gas to Plastics. Country Manager Ashutosh Gupta and the new Mimir team will be working together with our experts in Norway to innovate together with our clients in India and help solving any challenges they may have”.

For any further information contact Country Manager Ashutosh Gupta or Managing Director, Lars H. Evensen.

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