Norner in partnership with Italian HTExplore


Norner and HTExplore join forces to offer a highly integrated and streamlined workflow for industrial catalyst- and polymer development services ranging from milli- to kilogram scale to catalyst manufacturers, polymer producers and other industries.

Published: 6. september 2022 08:11 - Last changed: 2. juni 2023 14:48

It is a pleasure for Norner to announce, that we have entered into a partnership with HTExplore, an Italian technology centre specialised in High Throughput Screening for polyolefin catalyst and polymerisation. This will strengthen our services in advanced polymer and catalyst development.

Please see attached press release. 

Pressrelease - Norner enter partnership with HTExplore_2020


For more information, please contact:

  • Kjetil Larsen, CEO, Norner: +47 91 64 08 74, e-mail:
  • Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development: +47 91 55 09 34, e-mail:
  • Luca Rongo, General Manager, HTExplore, +39 3882559312, e-mail:
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