Norner expands Norsok M-501 testing

Norner provides product liability testing for offshore applications.

We have further developed our NORSOK M-501 qualification testing to evaluate cathodic disbonding of corrosion protective coatings for use at temperatures up to 100 ° C. The method is a part of NORSOK M-501, system 7C .

  • The purpose of this test is to evaluate protective coating and the ability to withstand strains caused by cathodic protection.
  • When cathodic protection is used to prevent corrosion, it forms hydrogen gas in unprotected areas, due to reaction between the water and steel.
  • Pores and blisters can occur in areas where the water has a chance to penetrate through the coating and come in contact with the steel.
  • The corrosion protective coating of good quality has good resistance to water permeability and with that prevent water penetration.
  • The method is an accelerated test and good screening test in order to evaluate these properties.

Cathodic protection is being used in many applications, but is especially important in the oil and gas sector, both for protection of structures and transport systems, specially within steel pipe coating.


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Norner er et uavhengig institutt innen plastteknologi.  Norner utvider testing av Norsok M-501, system 7c
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