Norner employee defended PhD in green polymer technology

Carlos Alberto Barreto Soler, Senior Researcher at Norner AS, defended his PhD "Properties of poly (propylene carbonate) and nanocomposites thereof" September 6th 2013 at the University of Oslo.

Evaluating committee

The evaluating committee consisted of Professor Kristina Oksman, Department of Engineering and Mathematics, Luleå University of Technology. Vice President Dr.Keith Redford, Conpart AS and Professor Harald Waldehaug, Chemical Institute, University of Oslo.

Patent applications

Dr. Barreto has for the last 4 years been involved in R&D in the field of plastics from carbon dioxide.  His work has also resulted in 3 patent applications of importance for commercializing technology for the making of high molecular weight polycarbonates and polyols, the latter as building blocks for the making of polyurethane.

Contact persons


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