How SCG Chemicals, Vatican Library, Piql and Norner preserve world cultural heritage

Norner advanced application testing verifies lifetime approaching 1000 years

  • The Vatican Library is the reference body for Long Term Digital Preservation end extremely cautions to select safe, state of the art, proven digital storage technologies when preserving manuscripts and books from their vast archive. End of February 2018, The Vatican Library and SCG Chemicals signed an MoU for preservation of old manuscripts using the technology of our client Piql from Drammen, Norway.
  • “We live in a world where everything becomes faster but does not last for long. Piql has the technology and the philosophy to transfer information and culture to the future. The Vatican wants to realize this dream. Our goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of the world, and in our judgement Piql has the best and most secure solution”, says Luciano Ammenti, CIO of the Vatican Library.

< Luciano Ammenti, CIO of the Vatican Library with his team, Cholanat Yanaranop, President of SCG Chemicals and his delegation, Rune Bjerkestand, CEO of Piql and his two sons, Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development at Norner >

  • The Vatican Library commissioned in 2010 a project to create an online digital archive to preserve its manuscripts for future generations. The project aims to digitize the entire Library’s collection of > 80 000 manuscripts and make it available to users worldwide. SCG Chemicals has kindly sponsored the digitization of some old manuscripts relevant for Thailand.  
  • Norner is extremely proud to be the competence partner of Piql and SCG Chemicals for the verification of the longevity for the storage medium and the specially developed material and design of a protective packaging made in SCG polymer. 
  • “We started our cooperation with Piql writing a project proposal to the Norwegian Research Council for development support back in 2012”, says Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development at Norner. “In the proposal we claimed to develop a solution for long term storing of data of importance for mankind - the human digital DNA, and now we are there!  Norner colleagues in the Piql project team have made a tremendous work to make this possible.”

< Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development at Norner with the PiqlBox. Protective packaging with lifetime close to 1000year in controlled conditions >

  • Norner has unique competence in polymer design and stabilization and performs advanced application testing to verify performance in real use. This competence and knowhow is utilized by clients across our Market Segments from Oil & Gas via Greentech to Building & Infrastructure, and is also of vital importance for product development at Polymer producers.
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