Covid 19


Customer information regarding the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Published: 6. september 2022 08:00

NORNER is determined to do what is required to reduce spreading the coronavirus, while we do our outmost to stay operational and deliver to our customers.

  • Our first priority is the safety and health of our employees. We will build on our experience in carefully planning our actions from handling hazardous chemical under high pressure and -temperature to secure safe operation also under this pandemic.
  • Our workforce is flexible and many will continue their assignments from home office, seeking to interact with customers and colleagues via electronic platforms. 
  • Our laboratories will be operational and experts will be working flexible hours to spread the density of employees while we maintain the critical competence for the various projects. 

The pandemic will affect most parts of our society, hence potentially also NORNER. Our management is continuously monitoring the situation from day-to-day with the aim to minimize the impact on the work we do for our customers. Should some of our personnel get ill or be placed in quarantine, this might impact the delivery from NORNER short term. In such case, we may come to a situation where we must prioritize between ongoing projects. We will however keep close contact with affected customers to reduce any negative impact as best we can, and do whatever we can to return to normal again as soon as possible.

If you do not hear from us, you can assume your project will not be affected or to a very limited extent.

NORNER contacts: Your customer contact; or Ole Jan Myhre, Marketing Director; or Kjetil Larsen, CEO.

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