Converting CO2 emissions into products - European Green Deal project PyroCO2


The scope of PyroCO2 is to establish and demonstrate an innovative platform for CCU that turns industrial CO2 into chemical building-blocks using a new biotechnological approach

Published: 6. september 2022 08:16 - Last changed: 2. juni 2023 09:26

Norner is part of the new PyroCO2 project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project aim to convert CO2 to valuable chemicals and products, including plastics. Catalytic polymer synthesis as well as utilisation of CO2 for such purposes are part of our core competence and we look very much forward to contribute. Please see attached press releases.

Press release:

Press Release Norner part of PyroCO2


Pressemelding Norner med i PyroCO2


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