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Norner has leading expertise in handling of materials and polymers for the whole plastics and packaging value chains.



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Title Size Download
Future Materials 4.49 MB Download
Norner logo web 0.04 MB Download
Norner logo print 0.48 MB Download
Pharma Packaging and Medical Device service 1.41 MB Download
Pilot centre for trials and application development 0.51 MB Download
R&D support and strategic advisory 0.63 MB Download
Exposure testing 14.98 MB Download
Recycling pilot centre 0.83 MB Download
Norner News 22 0.00 MB Download
Norner News 21 2.71 MB Download
Norner News 20 2.74 MB Download
Norner News 19 2.50 MB Download
Norner News 08 2.15 MB Download
Norner News 07 3.58 MB Download
Norner News 06 2.49 MB Download
Norner News 05 2.15 MB Download
Norner News 04 1.96 MB Download
Norner News 03 2.04 MB Download
Norner News 02 5.31 MB Download
Norner News 01 1.79 MB Download
Energy Sector 7.40 MB Download
Norner News Consumable Edition 2.00 MB Download
Coating testing at Norner 1.36 MB Download
Development, testing and lifetime evaluation of materials used under high pressure and high temperture conditions offshore 1.81 MB Download
Development, testing and lifetime evaluation of composites and adhesives 1.22 MB Download
Centre for plastics technology and pipe testing 1.93 MB Download
Industrial plastics and packaging institute 0.00 MB Download
Fatigue testing and lifetime predictions 1.40 MB Download
Free permeability OTR/WVTR calculations 1.57 MB Download
Industrial polymer and plastics institute 3.19 MB Download
Senter for plastteknologi, materialutvikling og rørtesting 1.58 MB Download
Catalytic polymerisation 1.64 MB Download
Partnership for packaging development and testing 1.30 MB Download
Metallographic investigation and failure analyses 2.02 MB Download
Official certificate from Det Norske Veritas 0.13 MB Download
Determination of mechanical, physical and thermal properties 1.48 MB Download
Investigation and solutions for product and material failures 1.68 MB Download
Innovation and leadership in rigid packaging 1.15 MB Download
Innovation and leadership in flexible packaging 1.99 MB Download
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