Industrial polymer development centre

At Norner we have our origins in the petrochemical industry and thereby long experience working with the key aspects of polymer product developments. This includes critical aspects like catalyst, polymerisation and additivation. We are used to develop new grades tailored to their applications and market trends. We have the competence, equipment and capability required to be your technology partner in material selection, testing and product development.

Our strategic advisory team helps clients to be successful in strategic choices, to create added value, to achieve a superior cost position and to set up innovation organization and tools. 

Norner key services in strategic advisory

  • Business & Market Strategy
  • Creating Added Value
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Innovation – Organisation & tools

Successful strategic choices

Norner has a team with industrial experience and can support our customers in the field of healthcare products and packaging with a variety of innovation projects.

  • Catalyst synthesis and development
  • Polymerisation technology developments
  • New polymer recipe development
  • Additive recipe development
  • Polymer structure property relationship
  • Quality improvement
  • Technical studies and feasibility projects
  • Multi-client funded research projects

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Funding support

Norner has unique funding expertise and broad experience from both national and EU research programs relevant for the energy sector. Norner is listed in The Research Council of Norway (RCN) overview of approved institutes. 

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Norner provides high expertise in material and analytical testing, evaluation of physical and chemical properties, polymer structure characterisation as well as plastic extrusion and moulding of prototypes.

Our ISO 9001 certified laboratory ensures high quality testing with focus on health, environment and safety (HSE). 

Some key laboratory testing and analytical services for packaging

  • Polymer structure characterisation
  • Viscosity and rheology analysis
  • Additive and chemical analysis
  • Mechanical testing
  • Material characterization
  • Recyclability testing
  • Microstructure analysis

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