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Marine coating testing

Norner Performance Laboratory is Lloyd approved for marine coating testing.

IMO PSPC Coating Testing

Norner is an independent test institute accredited for IMO PSPC, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Performance Standards for Protective Coatings(PSPC)  test standards.

The relevant standards are IMO Resolution MSC.215 (82) for seawater Ballast Tanks and IMO resolution MSC.288(87) for Cargo Oil tanks.

SeaWater Ballast Tanks

This approval includes qualification testing of protective coatings in accordance with resolution MSC.215 (82), annex 1. The test used in this specification is based on simulation of conditions that occurs inside a ballast tank, filled with seawater. The protective coatings are exposed to different parameters such as temperature cycles, dry-wet conditions, and cathodic protection.

Crude Oil Cargo Tanks

This approval includes qualification testing in accordance with annex 1 in resolution MSC.288(87). 

The tests in this standard are designed to simulate the two main environmental conditions to which the crude oil cargo tank coating will be exposed, both in the vapour phase and in the liquid phase in a loaded condition.

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