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Norner can support you in choosing the best plastic material for a cost-efficient manufacturing process meeting the functional, sustainability and safety requirements of your product

Published: 2. februar 2023 14:18 - Last changed: 24. mai 2023 13:35

Material of choice

You can achieve several different fea­tures depending on the material used. Norner uses its expertise developed over decades to help you choose the right material to meet the desired requirements for the different parts of your medical device or well-being product. Norner aligns with the leading polymer producers bringing you cost-efficient solutions. Some examples of the material choice consideration which might be relevant to you:

  • What are the optimal mechanical properties for the intended use?
  • Must the material be of a medical grade quality?
  • Must the material withstand disinfection/sterilization?
  • Is the selected material compatible with high-volume cost-efficient processing?
  • Is the selected material suitable for recycling?
  • Do you want to “Re-design for Recycling” with Norner?

Processing and prototyping

Norner pilot plant consists of the most relevant processing machinery relevant for the health industry. We combine material expertise with processing expertise to achieve the best possible manufacturing process for your product or product parts. You can have your plastic prototype parts made at Norner.


Norner is ISO 9001 certified. Recently we started the process of becoming ISO-13485 certified. Thereby you can trust that all activities in a project collaboration are performed according to the same high quality and documentation standards as the regulatory bodies put on you as a manufacturer of medical devices. We expect to be certified in 2023.


Norner has a significant testing capability for polymer raw materials, polymer product parts and finished products. These are test methods we are well equipped to perform:

  • Testing and verification of mechanical, physical, thermal, and optical properties.
  • Impact and tensile properties.
  • Sealing and welding performance.
  • Environmental Stress Cracking.
  • Creep, Tensile creep, and fatigue.
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis.
  • Heaet resistance and conductivity.
  • Optical.
  • Wide range of application testing on film/moulded parts/pipe etc.
  • Advanced application testing.
  • Microscopy including SEM

You might have test needs where no standard exists. Norner also performs tests to replicate or mimic real application environment and regularly develop customized test methods.

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It is becoming increasingly important for Medtech- and well being products designed to minimize negative climate impact and undesired effects on humans and nature. Norner has the competence and development tools to:

  • Develop polymer- parts and products with a minimum amount of material to meet functional requirements,
  • Achieve high performance with recyclable polymer material.
  • Polymer product composition that allows recyclability
  • Include recycled polymer as part of polymer parts
  • Medical grade material to ensure safety for end-user
  • Alternative polymers to PVC
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