Norner supports the automotive sector to meet the current sustainability challenges


The sustainability of cars is high in the agenda of consumers, the EU normative framework and the different industry and commercial actors in the automotive value chain.

Published: 21. april 2023 12:07 - Last changed: 24. mai 2023 12:57

In particular, the EU framework related to batteries and end of life vehicles (ELV) is posing severe challenges to the automotive value chain. This involves requirements of the incorporation of plastic recyclates in the material compositions, and aspects related to the ultimate recyclability of components and waste streams after the end of life of the cars. This challenge requires a comprehensive understanding on the traditional materials performance approach. It also concern the issues around the plastic recyclates such as sourcing, handling, purity, stability and other limitations. All these matters are vital in gaining sustainable material solutions for the industry.

Norner has been a competent developer of performance plastic solutions through its more than four decades experience. Through the last years Norner has been developing the organization to support the needs from the automotive value chain on the sustainability aspects through strategic investment in competence development as well as new facilities and machinery in Norner Recycling Center.

Norner is a competent actor supporting the value chain both on materials and testing assignments:

  • Design for recyclability
  • Identification of suitable sources and upgrading of recyclates
  • Development of compounds and composites with recyclate content
  • Management of odor, volatiles and purification of recyclates 
  • Handling of recyclates from Household, WEEE, ELV, construction and demolition waste 
  • Development of additive packages
  • Performance testing and testing related to recyclates
  • Environmental testing , emissions / VOC / Fogging
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