New flexible Coperion compounding line at Norner


Now we are in the exciting implementation phase of the new Coperion compounder which will contribute to improve our capability to deliver more complex projects to our clients

Published: 24. november 2022 14:29 - Last changed: 25. mai 2023 09:22

This new Coperion ZSK18 MEGALab compounding line can run in 3 different L/D configurations 60, 40 and 20. Being able to utilize different lengths of the machine yields large flexibility in processing conditions. The machine is equipped with feeders for; pellets, powders, wood and short glass fibres, fluffy nanoparticles and liquids. The screw configurations can be varied for the different compounding jobs and the line can run at temperatures as high as 450°. The melt strings can be cooled in water-bath or with a dry/air cooler before pelletisation. This line is truly very flexible both with respect to the type of base resins and other ingredients that can be processed.

The machine is equipped with feeders for:

  • Pellets
  • Powders
  • Wood and short glass fibers
  • Fluffy nanoparticles
  • Liquids

In connection with the new ZSK18, a flexible option to allow dry cooling has been acquired. This enables Norner to process moisture-sensitive materials on all compounding machines, in addition to traditional water string cooling. To give added value and hands-on understanding to your research jobs, Norner has an extensive portfolio of conversion machinery. This is accompanied by testing according to international standards, but also application tests to assess the real-world performance of your products.

Norner application pilot centre includes four twin screw extruders for small or large compounding development jobs.

Machine overview:

  • Coperion ZSK18 MEGALab, L/D:60  
  • Coperion ZSK26, L/D:40, with equipment for de-volatilization, ventilation, filtration, side feeding
  • ThermoFischer Scientific Prism 24, L/D:28
  • ThermoFischer Scientific Prism 16, L/D:25

Our team has wide experience and competence in plastics compounding and modifications. 

We offer:

  • Compounding trials
  • Material and recipe development
  • Development and evaluation of materials like polymer blends, additives formulations, modifiers, fillers and nanocomposites
  • Compounds for automotive and appliances industry
  • Pilot scale production of compounds for customer trials
  • Evaluation of process stability, filter blocking, dispersion and homogenisation
  • Small scale extrusion
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