New 7-layer cast/blown film extruder


Norner has installed a new state of the art 7-layer cast/blown film extrusion line supplied by Collin Lab and Pilot Solutions, a highly recognised machine supplier from Germany

Published: 24. november 2022 14:03 - Last changed: 26. mai 2023 14:24

New as of 2022 is the 7-layer combined blown and cast film line. It is based on a BL 600 P design, delivered by Collin Lab and Pilot Solutions. The line is composed of seven extruders, all with L/D:30. There are five extruders at 25 mm diameter and two extruders at 30 mm diameter. All seven extruders may be used for both cast and blow film production.

Blown films can be produced at a lay-flat of 550 mm and in a thickness ranging from 10 μm to 500 μm, depending on material and process. Cast film is produced via a flat film die width of 550 mm and slot opening of 0.3 to 2 mm. This allows the final thickness of cast films in the range of 10 μm to 2 mm. The line is equipped with pressurized water giving a large range of temperatures on the chill rolls, which enables the production of flat films, either by calendaring or conventional cast film process. We can process standard polyolefins, PET, PA, EVOH and various other polymers to make, i.e., barrier films. The line has been highly automated to facilitate good monitoring of the process and repeatability in your projects.

Norner is also equipped with an MDO line for production of oriented films after the Collin line. Our laboratory offers a wide range of test services to assess your films in terms of mechanical characteristics, sealing properties, barrier properties and chemical characteristics. 

Cast films/sheet can be further tested in our Formech thermoforming line with various moulds to simulate cups, trays and other applications. This enables article testing with the desired material combination.

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