Microscopy and failure analysis

A root cause inspection, troubleshooting and development tool.

Microscopy enables detailed investigations of failures, micro structures, particles and more, making it a powerful tool for understanding materials

Norner has the competence, equipment and resources required to investigate product and material failures, document the reasons for it and provide conclusive reports with suggested solutions.

Norner offer:

  • Our specialised microscopy lab provides failure analysis to a wide range of industries ranging from polymers, packaging, plastic processing, offshore and automotive.
  • We have a dedicated team with long experience in the field of microscopy and analytical techniques.
  • This secures that we can provide appropriate conclusions from our analysis.
  • Surgical precision is required for sample preparation and a functional understanding of the product is necessary for the evaluations.
  • We carry out similar investigations to document the quality of products.

We strive to achieve a close cooperation with our customers in order to facilitate a good flow of information:

  • Any information regarding the product, its production and use is vital for the investigations and conclusions we provide. In this way we have a high focus on meeting our customer needs.
  • Our microscopy team of experts deliver conclusive reports where the documentation through high quality pictures have priority combined with other analytical information.
  • Our team is experienced in analysis of multilayer films and laminates including polymer recipe identification.

Norner have the insight to make microscopy investigation provide documentation of the following materials and products

  • Metals and inorganic materials
  • Catalysts, polymer powders, morphology and homogeneity
  • Plastics parts and packaging
  • Injection, blow and rotational moulding, extruded pipe, cable insulation, films, laminates, compounds and alloys

Failure categories in Plastics

  • Mechanical strain and pressure burst
  • Stress introduced by processing or mould/product design
  • Chemical stress cracking
  • Inclusions, inhomogeneity, gels and contaminations


  • Determination of failure in coextruded blow moulded bottle
  • Problem: Failures in bottom weld
  • Solution/cause: Sharp notch inside and delamination/void at the barrier layer. Need adjustment of mould and conditions
  • Determination of multilayer flexible packaging.
  • Problem: Performance inconsistency challenges
  • Solution: Recipe variations in the inner PP cast film
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