Jorunn Nilsen (60)

Jorunn Nilsen

Principal Researcher 

From: Askøy, Norway 

Lives in: Porsgrunn, Norway 

I did my education within physical chemistry in Trondheim and was looking for a relevant job opportunity. Many of my fellow students were hesitant to work in Grenland Norway, as the area was thought to be quite polluted. But when an exciting job was offered in Statoil Bamble, I took the chance and moved to Grenland with my family.

It has been a lovely place to live, with lots of nature, close to the sea and the mountains. Today Grenland is known as one of the leading sustainable industrial regions of the world.

I have remained in the same workplace for 31 years, working in Norner since it was founded in 2007. I get to work independently and do lots of versatile tasks.

Most of my work is related to sustainability. How can we use less plastics, make it thinner and stronger? How can we develop new ways of using recycled materials? Sustainability motivates me and it is important to convey that plastics are amazing materials which can be part of the solution if used and recycled correctly.

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