Henriette Skarpeid

Henriette Skarpeid_intervju_norner_070922_1346_low_test

Senior Consultant

From: Søgne, Kristiansand

Lives in: Porsgrunn

Published: 10. januar 2023 15:35 - Last changed: 26. mai 2023 09:30

Science has always been my passion. I knew that my education would be based on chemistry and mathematics. In a job, I wanted to be able to use both my practical and theoretical skills. Therefore, I chose to study Engineering Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology at NTNU in Trondheim. Upon completing my studies, I got the opportunity to be a part of Norner and moved to Grenland.

Grenland is a great place to live, and a very pleasant area. I like that it's close to my hometown, so I can make frequent trips home to see my family. Being a nature lover and hiking enthusiast, I appreciate the city's close connection to nature. In addition, I spend a lot of time with my family at the cabin that is located just a few hours away from Grenland.

As of today, I have two areas of work that I am involved in. This means that half of my time is spent testing mechanical properties like how much a certain material can withstand before it is damaged. The other half is spent analyzing the lifespan of materials in various environments. My role at Norner also entails being the ISO 17025 quality manager.

Getting to do so many different things every day is what makes working at Norner so rewarding for me. There are many exciting and diverse projects where you can learn something new every time. Also, there are a lot of helpful people here who are always willing to teach you new skills. This makes the work environment enjoyable as well and is the main reasons why I love being a part of Norner.

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