Focus on the healthcare market


Norner has historically worked with several companies in the healthcare industry.

However, we are now speeding up our efforts to increase our presence in this market. We are doing this by making available the already existing capabilities of Norner as well as adopting to needs specific for this industry. We are strengthening our organization with resources, methods and equipment relevant forhealthcare products and solutions.

The global demographic and digitalization trends feeds innovation in the health ecosystem. For example, in Norway we experience an annual 8-10% revenue growth and the industry is characterized by a proportional large number of start-ups; approx. 10%. Polymer materials is a crucial part of many of these products. However, the core competence and focus for these companies is on the design and function of their product to meet end user needs. Norner fills their competence gap in terms of polymer materials knowledge, test methods and sustainable material choices.

Norner is an active member in relevant clusters such as Norway Health Tech and the Austrian based cluster BioNanoNet.

Norner is also part of the Norwegian Catapult Future Material Centre. Through this infrastructure we work closely with regional incubators, like the health incubator Aleap, and local business gardens across Norway.

Through these clusters we offer Norner polymer expertise to increase value of new innovative products and solutions for continues improvement of healthcare services and peoples lives.

Fortunately, there are both national and European funding schemes available to help drive the development of better healthcare for all. Norner is a trusted development partner and is on a regular basis part of funded projects together with our customers in the healthcare industry.

As an ISO-9001 certified company and GLP routines in place we have the mandatory QMS set-up to meet the regulatory requirements demanded by the health industry. We are also on a regular basis developing and implementing new methods to fulfil the needs from the industry.

Typical services Norner offer

Choice of plastic material to meet intended function and qualityMake prototype products and evaluate performance of suchProcess developmentTesting of mechanical and chemical strength of medical devicesShelf-life and stress testing in requested environmentCharacterize failures and advice on corrective actionsEnsure sustainable solutions and optimise re-use or recycling of materials in production

Norner works in all relevant subsegments like medical devices, diagnostics, primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment and personal aids. In addition to product specific projects we often work with our clients to select materials and processes for functional, economic and sustainable packaging solutions.

We are used to and happy to work with SMB’s as well as global brand owners.

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