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New test methods for pipe in pipe solutions

New test methods for pipe in pipe solutions.

When installing water distribution domestic houses and apartments, the PEX supply pipe is covered by a corrugated pipe, called a Pipe in Pipe solution.

The inner pipe is a PEX plastic pipe with very stringent regulations. The outer corrugated tube has a security function of leading away potential leaking water if the PEX pipe gets a rupture. These tubes have had no regulations until recently and the quality has been poor resulting in cracking tubes and several insurance cases.

Norner microscopy laboratory carry out the new test scheme for approvals in Norway. These tests includes the analysis of several quality parameters by microscopy like;

  • Pigment dispersion and homogeneity
  • Raw material quality vs. gels
  • Thickness distribution of the profile
  • Presence of notches in the tube profile

Our expertise and advanced laboratory equipment help protecting the homes of our customers, reduce failures and save costs.


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