Device for patient monitoring


ShieldMe has developed a device for patient monitoring in nursing homes and health care institutions. The solution will give healthcare professionals increased insight into what happens to patients when they themselves are not physically present and enable faster reaction to critical incidents.

The plastic parts in the sensor housing are all to be produced in polymer material. ShieldMe has therefore engaged Future Materials and Norner to evaluate various material alternatives that comply with relevant requirements, as well as assessment and recommendations to possible suppliers to the product.

A lot of regulations and standards have to be met, both in relation to electronics, temperature variations, chemical resistance and durability. And of course, like most assignments Norner carries out today, sustainability and environmental impact are an important factors that must be included.

Statement by ShieldMe

Through our project with Norner, supported by SIVA, we have been able to find suitable polymer materials that adhere to the requirements for compliance with relevant standards. Trough Norner’s comprehensive knowledge in materials, they have provided truly immens value in identifying the right materials, as well as to provide the documentation required for the following regulatory processes. This has accelerated us on the right path with regards to both the right material but also with regards to having found production partners.

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