Caps and closures in a circular economy


Tremendous changes are ongoing within the caps and closures application areas for many reasons. The ambition for a sustainable future and a circular economy is the main driver.

These developments include:

Beverage caps

  • New design where “non detachable caps” EU target is a driver for design change
  • Introduction of new high performing cap raw materials where current application test scheme is insufficient

Design caps for liquid food, cosmetics and chemicals

  • Introduction of Post-Consumer Recyclate
  • Design driven changes for a more sustainable cap solution

To contribute to this important future development a full application performance centre C&C has been developed by Norner.


For beverage caps we produce caps for PCO1810 bottle finish on our high-performance injection moulding machine. During production processing performance, cycle potential and energy consumption can be measured. The caps are then tested in a high capacity test set up that include:

  • Closure dimensions
  • Cap dooming under pressure  (i.e. 6 bar)
  • Leakage tests like Secure seal test or CO2 retention
  • Environmental stress crack of cap (ESCR) under relevant pressure.

For the food, cosmetics and chemical, we produce a “flip-top” cap in a 4-cavity mould. The flip-top has different surface finish in the cavities for supporting the development in a design driven market area. The processing trial includes de-moulding behaviour, pressure requirements and flow characteristics, odour released during production and more. The produced caps are tested by using several tests and methods that include:

  • Closure dimensions
  • Hinge Torque strength
  • Hinge Tensile test
  • Hinge fatigue test
  • Response of Colour MB in performance

Tests done on the products produced by PCR materials show high variations in performance and processing. So the material selection for a cap can be demanding and should be supported with well documented trials.

Welcome to Norner C&C application centre.

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