An emergency tourniquet that saves time and lives


Aristeia AS has developed a tourniquet for pre-hospital use, especially targeting the military market and ambulance services, but also meant for other market segments.

The first prototype was composed of various metal components in combination with plastic parts.

The product design enables first responders to act quickly within a short critical time window. It’s as simple as putting the device on and pulling the string. It is also simple to remove and re-apply the tourniquet.

Before market launch, it was necessary to optimize design for manufacturability and even try to reduce the device weight. On request from Aristeia, with support from Future Materials, Norner performed an evaluation and recommendation on polymer material selection, a design for manufacturability study and advised for eventual possible metal replacement in some of the current metal parts in order to reduce the overall weight. Norner`s work and recommendations on material and design had to consider a.o. the products intended use under extreme weather conditions, from arctic to tropical climate, in the deserts and at sea. And also, to make sure all details remain in accordance with international regulations and standards.

Statement by Aristeia

The collaboration with Future Materials and Norner provided Aristeia with useful insight the company will bring into the development process of its 5th generation prototype. Emergency tourniquets are subjected to significant force during application and are required to have the highest degree of reliability in harsh environments. In addition, staying competitive in the market on pricing is key as well. Optimizing manufacturing and material choices ties into both device functionality and the viability of the business case. The project has effectively de-risked these components and provided a solid basis for further development.

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