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Unique bench reactor pilot laboratory

Industrial leading expertise to partner up with clients.

Our development reactors for olefin and polyolefin process optimization are used to improve the profitability of our clients. We can be your strategic partner for consultancy, to cut your production cost, increase your revenue, and understand and solve production problems in your operations. We have the industrial expertise to partner up with leading clients world side. 

Our clients recognise and appreciate the expertise we have in polyolefin production technologies, including catalyst optimization, raw material specification and qualification, using industrial class equipment.

New technologies

  • Examples of our achievements are inventions for trimodal HDPE and multimodal PE Metallocene.
  • These technologies show improved product performance and increased production economy.
  • Expanded assets and capabilities in industrial small test pilots and have conducted client projects for increased profitability for a variety of olefin and polyolefin processes.
  • 'Available industrial autoclave reactors for studies on increased profitability in olefin process technologies.
  • We have conducted studies on optimizing alkane hydrogenation and alkene dehydrogenation.

 Our experience covers

  • Ethylene dimerization,oligomeriation
  • Hydrocarbon cracking (on purpose propylene)
  • Alkane dehydrogenation
  • Alkene hydrogenation
  • Ethylene to propylene conversion
  • Fischer Tropsch, methanol synthesis
  • Polyolefin processes – all types, all catalysts and cocatalyst, ,comonomers

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