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Reactor design and setups

Reactor design and setups

Norner has the competence to design and build your advanced laboratory reactors.

Bench scale reactors and reactor design

Bench scale reactors and reactor design

  • Based on our 40 year’s experience in polymerisation field, we offer to design, engineering and start-up bench scale olefin polymerisation reactor setups.
  • The reactor sizes can vary from small scale (0,2 l) to pilot size reactors (ca 20 l).
  • Alternatively, we can design and rebuild old, existing reactor systems to be more safe and controllable.
  • Training is also part of our services.

The design and set up of bench scale reactors include

  • Multi-step reactors for bulk, slurry and gas-phase conditions.
  • Reactor sizes from 0,2 to 20 liters.
  • Separate flash-tanks can be included (for vaporization of solvents); used especially in connection with bigger reactors.
  • Reactors can be built either for batch or semi-continuous operation (continuous/batch feeding of monomer, comonomer and hydrogen; solvent and polymer output as batch).
  • Fully automated reactors including automatic stop and vent off at dedicated time and/or accumulated flows.
  • Temperature control system for fast start-up and precise control.
  • Process control system.
  • We are using e.g. InTouch by Wonderware and LabVIEW.
  • The system can also be chosen according to customer needs.

Output from the system

  • The process control overview updated at preferred intervals.
  • Data collection (pressures, temperatures, feeds, accumulated flows, etc.).
  • Trend curves.
  • Gas transport in pipelines (chemically cleaned tubes - stainless steel, min. 200 bars) from the storage tanks include sophisticated inline purifiers to remove impurities (CO, CO2, H2O, COS, H2S, etc.) down to ppb level.
  • Pressure supply feeding system with low and precise flows of flammable liquids and gases.


  • Automatic safety arrangements like automatic stop and vent off from head-space at unsafe conditions predicted by software controlled from PLS and/or independent systems.
  • Explosion (EX) proof equipments, if required.
  • Safety evaluation and HAZOP studies are included.
  • Explosion walls or roof designed and built to take care of unexpected explosion.
  • On-line control of hydrocarbon and oxygen concentrations in all reactor rooms with an automatic link to safety system.
  • Safety arrangements are made according to national standards of the present site.
  • Training on safety will be done according to customer needs.
  • Training is included (will be done according to customer needs), also connected to the polymerizations done in the start-up.

Our services include

  • Consultation on polyolefin & other hydrocarbon-based bench scale reactor setups.
  • Trouble shooting of existing laboratory, pilot and commercial reactors (including products), at any customer in polyolefin field.


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