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Olefin polymerization

Olefin Polymerization Laboratory

Catalytic polymerisation of olefins is our core competence. This is based on more than 40 year’s work in this area. 

Catalytic Polymerisation

Catalytic polymerisation of olefins

We offer

  • Theoretical knowledge and experienced operators
  • Ziegler Natta, Single Site & Chromium catalyst systems
  • Uni-/multimodal polymerisations (e.g. slurry+gas phase)
  • Polymerisations in slurry, bulk, gas phase; also solution polymerizations
  • PE homo-/copolymers
  • PP homopolymers, random copolymers, heterophasic copolymers, etc. 

Pressure reactors available in our laboratory

  • High pressure metal reactors, 1 - 17 liter in size: 
     - 13 reactors, polymer yields up to 5 kg’s
     - Pressure up to 350 bar
     - Temperature up to 340°C
  • High pressure metal reactors, 60-200 ml in size
     - Pressure up to 100 bar
     - Temperature up to 120°C
  • Uni- & multistage polymerisation, also prepolymerisation
  • Batch or semi-batch reactors - continuous feeds for monomer, comonomer and hydrogen
  • Experience from ethene to decene, VCH, 4-methyl-1-pentene, etc.
  • Reactor modifications will be done according to need 

For more reactors, see reactors and equipment.

Based on the long experience, we can deliver you bench scale results with industrial relevance

  • Long experience on plant optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Good correlation from bench scale reactors to commercial production
  • Full scale measurements and predictions based on bench scale results
  • Plant optimisation: choice of catalyst and polymerisation conditions
  • Personnel with good plant experience   


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