UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is a choice and a business opportunity. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have the potential to unleash innovation, economic growth, and development at an unprecedented scale and could be worth at least $12 trillion a year in market opportunities and generate up to 380 million new jobs by 2030. 

While business is not being asked to deliver the SDGs alone, the goals cannot be realized without engagement by individual companies.

Norner believes we can contribute as a driver of innovation and technological development, which together with our clients will serve as key engine of economic growth, employment and development of a circular economy.

Companies that align their operations with the SDGs and are able to communicate clearly about how their business helps to achieve the SDGs are likely to be able to consolidate a strong license to operate and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

We believe the SDGs represents significant innovation challenges and a massive market incentive for companies who are able to offer SDG-relevant technologies and solutions through sustainable and inclusive business models.

As an innovation partner Norner will strategically focus on four of the SDGs where we have the highest impact.




Our SDGs goals

  • 09: Proactively support innovation in the plastics values chain on a global basis and inspire through competence and methodology.
  • 12: Engage in projects for better resource efficiency and limit waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.
  • 13: Drive projects where our solutions can enable improved sustainability, reduced energy consumption, GHG emissions and introduce renewable materials.
  • 14: Be in the forefront of technology for circular economy, recycling and renewable solutions and take own action against marine littering.


We look forward to drive forward new business solutions together with our clients and strengthen their competitiveness and resilience whilst contributing to the realization of the SDGs.

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