Forskning og samarbeid med polymerprodusenter

Norner deliver research solutions for the polymer producers

Norner har bred polymer kunnskap.  Vi har avansert reaktorlaboratorie og gir støtte til utvikling av ny teknologi med kostnadseffektive løsninger.

In focus

100% vegetable-based additives

Sustainability is important for “Heart-working people” at Palsgaard. Together with Norner, they have developed additives for food packaging from 100% vegetable products.

A new innovative manufacturer

Even after 6 years in operation it is fair to address Designed Chemistry as a new company. 

Challenging Greenhouse Conditions

Polyolefins (PE and PP) will have an accelerated degradation if exposed to UV light, as several other plastics. 

Food packaging with 100% vegetable based product

Palsgaard – a world leading producer of food ingredients had been on the radar of Norner for some time.

We support clients to improve quality, durability and ageing performance of products.

Together with Piql, we have developed a system with a life time of >500 years.

Industrial leading expertise to partner up with clients.

Project cooperation leads to innovation in polyolefin stabilisation.

Environmental durability testing of materials by accelerated ageing.

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