Innovativ teknologipartner for konsumvareindustrien

Norner hjelper kunder med utvikling av emballasje, fra valg av polymertype, design og produksjonsprosess. 

In focus

Waste from electrical and elecronic equipmenyt

Removing hazardous substances, valorizing side streams and applying ecodesign principles on material design to improve the sustainability and recycling rates of WEEE, ELV and C&DW waste plastics.

Application testing at the recycling pilot centre

As a response to the proposal from the European Union that 50% of all plastic packaging should be recycled by 20251, Norner has developed and are operating a Recycling pilot and qualification centre.

Recyclable Packaging

Sustainable packaging with focus on recyclability is currently a highly relevant topic, both in Europe and globally.

Norner is a member of Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech is a non-for-profit member organisation, representing the full value chain of healthcare.

Norner Barrier Calculator

Norner’s barrier calculator has become a popular tool among professionals in the packaging industry. 

World’s largest UN-certified injection moulded container for dangerous goods

Development of a new wastebin sounds like an easy task. It’s not! At least when it should be used for dangerous waste. Add functional design and it gets even worse.

We provide food contact support to customers.

Green solutions from inexpensive materials with improved sustainability.

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