Explore green polymer technology

Industrial R&D support for sustainable and profitable polymer solutions.

Explore how Norner researchers take action in future green packaging sustainable solutions.

Norner is active in the research of polymerisation of CO2 to form polymers. 

Sustainability is a choice and a business opportunity

Utilize small scale and medium scale twin screw machines in our Compounding Centre.

How to form an attitude to prevent marine litter in oceans

Norner takes a role in our sustainable future by extending capability and competence in Biopolymers.

In focus

Thor Kamfjord i podkasten «Teknisk Sett»

Plast er fremdeles et fantastisk materiale. Og vi kommer til å produsere mer av det i mange år framover.

Beach Cleaning Day

Norner believes that we all can be a part of the solution to stop marine littering. Our beach cleaning actions is one of our ways to demonstrate this. 

Arctic expedition

We can all contribute to fight marine littering. Norner supports and cooperates with S/Y Fairwinds on «Arctic Expedition 2018».

EU has defined new and ambitious targets for circular economy and recycling of materials. This includes packaging materials. 

More that 30 enthusiastic Norner experts took part in the event

Norner takes action with annual Beach Clean Day on May 3, 2018. 

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