Protective coating

Norner laboratory provide protective coating testing

Norner provides a wide range of tests by environmental simulations to provide reliable data on the ability of the coating to protect the applicable surface. We provide standard pre-qualification testing and bespoke testing to cover different requirements and to meet your specified needs based on our resources and competence.

Norner is an independent test institute, accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 covering a wide range of instruments and methods.


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ISO 17025 from Norwegian accreditation

Norner is granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for our protective coating testing. This is the most important quality standard for test laboratories internationally. 

Norner offer testing based on NORSOK M-501

We offer testing of protective coating for offshore applications based on Norsok M-501.

Testing ISO 12944 at Norner

We perform testing in different environmental conditions to measure the corrosion resistance of your product. With accelerated weathering tests we can for instance simulate the influence of salt, moisture and sunlight.

Corrosion tests in accordance with several NACE standards.

Norner performs a variety of corrosion tests in accordance with several NACE standards.

Corrosion under insulation is the corrosion that occurs when steel equipment becomes corroded as a result of water penetration. 

Norner performs a wide range of cyclic climate chamber tests to simulate different climate with numerous possible test conditions under laboratory controlled yet accelerated conditions.

Our mechanical testing services for protective coating are performed with state-of-the-art equipment and cover.

Mechanical properties of your coating.

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