Norner is a global market leader of industrial R&D services in polymers by exploring opportunities and discovering sustainable solutions.

In focus

Norner has one of Europe’s largest capacity in autoclave testing with a state of art facility when it comes to safety and quality. 

We perform testing according to all major relevant standards, and we have a 24/7 monitoring of temperature and pressure. 

Life time estimation is performed by using Arrhenius methods.

Our autoclaves are all designed for high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) and all relevant fluids and gases including H2S (sour service).

This year's Telethon at NRK is about fighting ocean plastic pollution in Asia.

We encourage our customers, partners, friends and families to participate as individuals and in small groups to the clean-up campaign. ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP will help and create positive change in the effort to rid the planet of litter and provide insight so that solutions can be developed.

Norner plastics pilot centre

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund will contribute to achieving 50% material recycling of all plastics waste by 2025.

Try the Norner Barrier Calculator

Norner offers advanced OTR, WVTR and CO2TR Barrier Calculators with several features.

Norner is a part owner of Future Materials Catapult Centre

Norsk Katapult hjelper bedrifter med å utvikle idéer fra konseptstadiet og frem til markedsintroduksjon.

Norner UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is a choice and a business opportunity.

Messer og konferanser

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25.02.-03.03. 2021 - Düsseldorf, Germany

1- 2 June 2021 - Messe Essen, Germany

Norner will paticipates at the 17th Stretch & Shrink Film EU

8-10 June 2021 - Barcelona, Spain


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