Norner is member of TERMINUS - a new ambitious EU Horizon 2020 project

Norner will contribute with expertise on polymer development and barrier packaging materials.

The TERMINUS project will develop smart multi-layer packaging with an intrinsic self-delamination function. The main innovative design consists in the inclusion of activity-controlled enzymes in the adhesives and tie layers between the various polymer layers composing the multi-layer material for food and non-food applications. 

  • Multilayer flexible packaging provides excellent environmental profile due to the low weight, efficient transport and process and ultimate protection of food, beverages, cosmetics, pet food and other perishable goods.
  • Due to their material complexity, recycling and reuse of flexible multi-layer and multi-compounds packaging materials is limited today. That’s the core of this new ambitious project. 


  • Last week the project had a kick-off meeting at Sigma Clermont in France where the 12 European partners met to start the planning of research and development tasks.
  • These partners cover industry and research institutes from cross-disciplinary team of renowned organizations from 8 European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania).
  • With expertise in enzyme selection, thermal protection and triggering of enzymes, enzymatic biodegradation of polymers, UV and water triggered enzymatic activity, formulation of advanced polymers, manufacturing of multilayer plastic packaging and plastics recycling.


 The two experts from Norner, Petri Myllytie and Ole Jan Myhre, together with project partners from 11 other organisations at the kick-off meeting.

Norner contribution

  • Norner will contribute with expertise on polymer development, barrier packaging materials, modification and processing of polymers, packaging material testing, and chemical analytical capabilities.

The 12 European partners will ensure that the multi-layer materials produced fulfill the requirements set by regulatory authorities and by the market. This will eventually ensure a fast and efficient transition from the laboratory to the market. Multi-layer packaging, adapted to today’s and tomorrow’s needs, will be recyclable for the first time ever. 

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