Palsgaard arrange training at Norner

Danish Palsgaard selected Norner to train their sales organisation in the market and technological aspects of Palsgaard’s additives for modification of plastics.

  • During January 21st and 25th Norner arranged a plastic training seminar for sales and technology personnel at Palsgaard who is an international provider of vegetable based emulsifiers and stabilisers.
  • Palsgaard has a range of high performance antistatic and antifogging additives for polyolefins.
  • Norner is their selected partner for development and performance testing of these additives.
  • Norner’s experienced employees and scientific laboratories was utilised during the seminar to achieve a broader knowledge of the use of their new plastics additives in the industry and insight into the plastics industry as such. 

Palsgaard brought an international team to participate in the seminar in Norway. The aim of the seminar week was to train Palsgaard’s sales force and technical community in several important topics, such as:

  • Mapping the effect of Palsgaard’s additives in various polymers
  • Document the additives effect in various product applications
  • Benchmarking performance vs. relevant state of the art solutions

The seminar was carried out with success and confirmed that the collaboration between Palsgaard and Norner will develop and continue into future projects.

Responsible for the visit 

  • Palsgaards: Cai C. Christensen, Business Manager
  • Norner AS:  Business Development Manager Lars H. Evensen and Principal Researcher Harry Øysæd

“We are convinced that the seminar will prove to be very important for the development of this business for Palsgaard. We have received a lot of feed back from the participants, and they all think that the seminar was very useful but also very pleasant”; says Cai C. Christensen. “Norner has demonstrated a unique expertise and we will continue using their support going forward”.

Norner arrange professional training for Danish Palsgaard
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