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Thermal analysis

Thermal analysis



We offer the following thermal analysis:

DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Heating and cooling polymers under standard conditions and used characterisation of;

  • Glass transition temperature
  • Energy and enthalpy of a polymer during melting including the melting temperature (Tm)
  • Energy and enthalpy of a polymer during cooling including the chrystallisation temperature (Tc)
  • Chrystallisation and polymer compositions
  • Oxidation stability

DMTA - Dynamic ThermoMechanical Analysis

A technique used to study and characterize materials by observing the viscoelastic nature of polymers;

  • 3 point bending test
  • CLTE (Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion)
  • Glas transision (Tg)

TGA - TermoGravimetric Analysis

Analyse the changes in weight when a polymer is heated up and used for;

  • Analysis of volatile contents
  • Analysis of decomposition

Thermal conductivity - K-value

Measure of thermal conductivity of materials with K-value from 0,1 - 10W/mK.


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