Green chemistry

Norner has developed an extensive competence in Biopolymers and Green Chemistry.

Biopolymers can be defined in several ways and a typical way of classifying them is categorising them into biobased raw materials and biodegradability. Some materials can be both produced from bio-based raw materials and be bio-degradable like polylactic acid (PLA). Others can be from bio-sourced raw materials like BioPE, but are not biodegradable.

More recent polymers from biosources include PEF and PHA, and important technical progress has been made. Both PEF and PHA have interesting properties for several applications and it can be expected more news related to these in the years to come.

The initiative on PEF by Coca Cola, Danone and others is an example of this. Another example is the non-competing industries cooperating within biopolymer development such as the recent announced cooperation between Heinz (with access to bio waste from its ketchup operation) and Ford vehicle group.


Through several bench-mark studies, Norner has explored that Biopolymers can offer a lot of potentially sustainable and also cost efficient products like:

  • Side- and waste-products from the forestry industry
  • Wood Polymer Composites
  • BioPE
  • PHA is a “new” polymer produced by living organisms 

Norner continues to perform application studies and the expertise build-up of biopolymers with the purpose of supporting application development and implementation in e.g. the FMCG market. Bio-materials have been tested on our application machinery such as blown film and injection moulding following a thorough investigation and bench mark of article properties disclosing both interesting and surprising features. 

Norner is also doing extensive research in another category of sustainable polymers based on CO2. These materials may also become bio based. Norner has developed extensive know-how and IPR in the field.


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