Norner provides prototyping or product testing based on thermoforming


Thermoforming is one of the key processing techniques for plastics and used for many industries including packaging, medical, automotive, appliance and sport/leisure. Norner has installed a new thermoforming unit from Formech Inc in the processing pilot centre and are ready for customers who need prototyping or product testing based on thermoforming. 

Formech: Thermoformer

  • Moulding from roll or from sheet
  • Material/sheet thickness: 0,25–6mm
  • Forming area of 647mm x 622mm and depth of 350mm
  • Positive and negative forming
  • Speed controlled plug assist
  • Pre-stretch
  • Automatic operation from roll
  • Sheet width up to 700 mm
  • Pyrometer temperature control

Applications and prototypes

  • Vehicle parts
  • Medical parts and prototypes
  • Toys and models
  • Packaging, food containers
  • Enclosures and housings

Processing trials

  • Processability and material evaluations
  • Raw material quality and consistency
  • Material selection and verification
  • Multilayer sheet of different material
  • Material combinations and additives
  • Evaluation of recycled materials
  • Process parameter optimisation
  • Material evaluations


All thermoplastic material that are available in sheet or roll can be thermoformed. Some examples are: HIPS, ABS, PE, PP, PET, PVC, PC and PMMA.

Thermoforming  Material testing  Failure analysis by microscopy

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