Norner  recycling pilot centre

Recycling pilot centre

Our laboratories includes facilities of relevance for all steps of the mechanical recycling value chain, material assessment and testing which together form our Recycling pilot centre.

Norner have been working extensively with recycling technology, recycled materials and product development with such materials during the past years which makes us a partner with relevant expertise for your projects.


The whole processing pilot centre is included in the recycling pilot centre which enable us to make:

Grinding and washing/rinsing of products

  • Type of grinder
  • Type of washing

Extrusion of recycled materials

  • Extrusion on Coperion ZSK26 with vacuum venting and various feeding alternatives
  • State of the art melt filter unit for cleaning the melt stream of recycled material
  • Odour and volatile reduction technology
  • Norner Fresh – a novel solvent flushing technology
  • Filterest, gels testing
  • Composition and purity of polymer
  • Additive analysis
  • Migration, extraction and chromatography
  • T&O panel
  • EN 71-3+71/9/10/11 (Toy regulation)
  • For standard testing see more info in Polymer analysis and Material testing

Processing pilots and prototype testing

  • Film extrusion, Blow moulding, Injection Moulding and Thermoforming
  • Prototype product testing and material performance

Accredited laboratory for RecyClass Recyclability testing

  • We are working according to the test protocols of Plastics Recyclers Europe to assess recyclability
  • LD Film, HDPE containers and PP containers

Circular economy  Polymer analysis  Material testing

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