Caps & closures test centre – hinge and standard caps

Injection moulding pilots

Converting trials

4 cavity tool with two different hinge design closure with 2 different inlet (2x2)

All 4 cavities with different surfaces

  • One cavity high polished
  • One sandblasted
  • Two with emery

Cap for 28 mm neck finish PCO1810

Double seal system (“Bericap design”)

Husky/Scöttli 2-cavity mould


  • Processing trials on High Performance Netstal HP1200 Injection moulding Machine
  • High melt screw 24D
  • Max injection pressure 2100 Bar
  • Tests at industrial relevant conditions


  • PP homo/Raco/Heco
  • HDPE for carbonized /non-carbonized beverage
  • Elastomers
  • Compounds

Processing trials/results

Material evaluations

  • Material selection and verification
  • Evaluation of recycled material
  • Flow characteristics
  • Material combinations (e.g. MB)
  • Raw material quality and consistency

Processability evaluation

  • Process parameter optimisation
  • Quality improvement
  • Cycle evaluation
  • Energy consumption study
  • Machine pressure, temperature and speed requirements
  • De-moulding behaviour


  • Liquid food packaging
  • Cosmetic caps
  • Detergents and household chemicals
  • Beverage caps
  • Standard caps for household and industrial chemicals

Performance  testing

Standard tests /Datasheet tests

Norner performs very many standard tests

  • Mechanical properties according to ISO / ASTM standards
  • Chemical characterization
  • Food migration OML/SML

Performance tests

  • Closure dimensions
  • Hinge Torque
  • Hinge Tensile test
  • Hinge fatigue test
  • Response of Colour MB of performances
  • Cap doming
  • Leakage testing
  • Secure Seal Test (SST)
  • CO2 retention
  • Test Method for Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) of Threaded Plastic Closures (ASTM D5419-14a./ ASTM D5419-95 
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