Molecular weight distribution

Norner can, by use of  gel permeation chromatography, find the molecular weight distribution (MWD) of a polymer. By use of right solvents and temperatures this is possible for most polymers.

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), separates molecules based on its size in solution and hydrodynamic volume.

We offer both Low and High temperature GPC analysis according to ISO16014-1 to 4.


GPC is used for determination of several Molecular weight parameters, its distribution and polymer structure:

  • Mw - Mass average molecular mass
  • Mn - Number average molecular mass
  • Mw/Mn - Polidispersity of the sample
  • MMD - Molar Mass Distribution
  • Mp - Molecular weight at peak
  • Mz - Z-average molecular mass
  • Mv - Viscosity average molecular weight
  • IV- Intrinsic Viscosity of the sample calculated from the Mw and the Mark Houwink Coefficient
  • Bulk CH3/1000TC- Average content calculated from the area of the CH3 over the CH2 signal
  • Bulk SCB/1000TC- Bulk SCB content corrected for the chain and methyl groups.
  • Bulk comonomer: Comonomer weight percent, calculated from SCB bulk.
  • LCBf / 1000TC: Average level of Long Chain Branching frequency.
  • Viscosity Ratio: Ratio of linear Viscosity
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