Norner has equipment to perform microscopy analysis of plastic films

Microscopy analysis of plastic films

Norner microscopy laboratory analyse film structure, polymers, gels, seal quality and integrity to determine whether it is suitable for its intended use.

A key competence area of Norner is our advanced packaging development centre including film extrusion lines, MDO line, injection moulding and EBM machinery and a flexible and rigid packaging test centre with physical and analytical services.

 Multilayer structure and composition

  •  We can analyse film structure and polymer composition down to a very detailed level through combining the following strategies.
  •  Sample preparation by microtome cutting of film cross sections.
  •  Number of layers and thicknesses by light microscopy.
  •  FTIR analyses of the whole structure as well as the inner and outer surfaces.
  •  FTIR microscopy for analysing the type of polymer in each layer of the structure.
  •  Hot stage Microscopy to determine the melting temperature and behaviour of each layer.
  •  DSC analysis to determine the exact melting points of the structure.
  •  SEM analysis for investigation of surface structures, inorganic fillers or aspects like laser score lines and perforations.
  •  Material identification can be further supported by various polymer analysis.

Gel investigations

  • Gels and inclusions are a classic problem of film production which can have a negative impact in several ways on the quality of flexible packaging. We have a long experience in identification and root cause analysis of gels by microtome preparations to reveal the cross section of gels followed by microscopy investigations and other polymer analysis, if required.

Analysis of seal quality and integrity

  • By investigating the cross sections of seals we can identify and validate the quality and integrity of seals in flexible packaging.
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