Method for gas fading

Gas fading and friability

Additive qualification centre presents new methods for gas fading and friability.


 With additives we can:

  • Control the life time cycle
  • Improve properties
  • Change appearance
  • Change behaviour 


To be able to do this, we need tools, such as:

Friability analysis

Some additive products have a tendency to break and crumble during transport.

  • Friability test. Measuring the ability to resist particle fracture
  • Method A: Robustness of One Pack additives
  • Method B: Robustness of FF additives

Gas fading

Some polymers have a tendency to have discolouration due to reaction with NOxSources of NOx.

  • Air pollution in general
  • Combustion engines (e. g. fork lift)
  • Mold heating by flames (e. g. rotomolding)
  • Surface treatment of films (flame)
  • Method according ISO 105-G02
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